A 20 Minute run with the Fuji XE-1

Going into 2016 still recovering from injuries from 2014 and late 2015, I saw glimmers of hope after making it through races that I didn't expect to see the starting line.  But that doesn't mean I avoided injury this year.  Injuries have haunted Katie and I making it an interesting year.  Amongst work, and travel for work, we have definitely found ourselves focusing on the rehab side of things so we can be strong next season.  We took a long break of proper regimented training to focus on recovery and business.  After completing our first full week of training last week we came into this week a little fatigued.  A 14 hour training week of mainly endurance aerobic exercise, I forgot how good it feels to complete a week full of my favorite disciplines.

With business being crazy busy and having the workload pile up I have been spending a lot of time on the computer.  The long hours going through photos, making albums, taking more photos, shooting more weddings, meeting with clients, emails, conference calls, paying bills, so on and so forth.  It gets to the point where I need to change it up a little.  Sometime I just need to recharge the batteries to remind myself how lucky I am that I get to do what I do for a living.

I grew up loving the art of cinematography but I have avoided it for years.  I create photos for a client monthly that asked me if I could shoot some video for some ad campaigns.  I took a few of the products that I had, created a couple 20 second clips and it lit a fire inside of me.  I forgot about my passion for video and video editing.  This was the perfect escape for me to create something different to get my creativity back where it needed to be.

When I work on photos for clients my head needs to be in the right place.  I love what I do and I couldn't be any happier with my choice of profession.  I have realized over the years that the best way to keep my head in the game is to switch things up when the mundane becomes too hard to obtain.  I'm not one to rush things out the door just because I can throw a one click filter on photos and hope people are going to be happy.  The sad thing is that one click filter is good enough for most people.  The good news is I'm not most people and I enjoy taking the time looking at each image and fine tuning things to match my aesthetics.

I have been taking my FUJI XE-1 on bike rides lately and I love that I can take a small camera  on the road that produces amazing results.  I don't have to worry about the FUJI the same way I have to worry about the Canon or the Nikon making it fun to experiment when getting a sweat on.

With the itch to create video and put more wood in the fire, Katie and I went for a 20 minute run to create this short film of appreciation.  Thanks to Saucony, Katie and I have both been pretty decked out in our favorite running gear this year.  We haven't been able to run as much as we would have liked so we thought this was the perfect way to showcase a brand that we truly stand behind.  Saucony, #findyourstrong